Smartphone Based Loyalty

PunchMe creates smartphone based loyalty programs. We offer customized solutions to medium sized companies, as well as our standard PunchMe Merchant Network product to small sized businesses, that you see here.

VIP Treatment

Let your customers know they're important with exclusive deals sent directly to their phones. Tailor your communication using our powerful segmentation tools and cultivate your most profitable relationships.

Smart Rewards

"One-size-fits-all" rewards are boring and expensive. PunchMe drastically increases the effectiveness of your deals by allowing you to target specific users. Start creating rewards that are actually rewarding.

Customized Solutions

The Right Fit For Your Business

Retain your customers and grow their value with a customized solution to fit your business. We will work with you to develop a branded loyalty platform that makes most sense for your business.

Our customized solutions offer a wide range of possibilities: from actionable data analytics, to integration with your point of sale system, to detailed ROI tracking, and more. Get in touch today to start exploring.

"PunchMe's technology is incredibly simple to use; my customers feel spoiled and my business is growing. It has allowed me to create a greater customer experience and build long-term relationships.”

- Patrick Feyten, Owner of Atelier Monnier

PunchMe Merchant Network

The tablet

We provide you with an eye-catching 7” tablet that displays your branding and lets your customers scan for rewards. You will receive all the marketing materials, equipment and training to ensure that your program is as successful as possible. The tablet is best for businesses where customers pay at the counter.

The Point Cards

Rewarding your customers for coming back is great, but what about big spenders who deserve more? Reward them with more points by simply having them scan the appropriate card. Let your customers earn points wherever they happen to be – at a table in your restaurant, at the counter of your food truck or at home when you deliver.

We provide you with all the training and marketing materials to ensure that your program is as successful as possible.

“PunchMe was a very helpful tool in building a loyal clientele for our business.”

- Martin Bates, Manager of The Newsstand by Books & Books


Powerful Analytics

Track your loyalty program in real time. See how many customers you have, how often they visit, which rewards they redeem, and more. See the effect of your promotions and deals.

How has your business increased from the time you sent them out? What types of deals do people best respond to? Our analytics will give you the answers to all of these questions and ones you didn’t even know you had.

Reach Customers when they're most receptive

PunchMe opens up a powerful new communication channel between you and your customers - send deals and promotions directly to their phone-app, and let them share the good news on Facebook.

Targeted Rewards
Extra Points

Trying to convert new customers into loyal ones? Send free drinks to your most recent signups to get them back into your store.

We segment your customer base for you so you can send rewards that reach the right customers at the right time.

Want to promote the fact that you're open at lunch now? Give your customers extra points for coming in during lunch.

Setting up the promotion takes a minute using our panel.

Have a special event, new product, or something you want to tell your customers about? Send them a message to make sure they know about it. We'll let you know exactly how receptive your customers were through our detailed analytics.

Merchant Network Pricing

Just Cards

  • Reward customers based on how much they spend
  • Use PunchMe anywhere the cards are - no need for wifi
  • Access to our powerful analytics and messaging system
  • 1 Month Free Trial
  • No Credit Card
  • No Contract

Just Tablet

  • Reward customers based on how often they visit
  • Acquire users quickly with the eye-catching Nexus 7
  • Sign people up easily via the provided loyalty cards
  • Access to our powerful analytics and messaging system


  • Get the flexibility of the cards with the ease-of-use and visibility of the tablet
  • Keep your line moving; only use the cards to reward your biggest spenders
  • Access to our powerful analytics and messaging system

Get In Touch

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